Unusual Scholarships

Aside from traditional academic scholarships and financial aid options, students with unique characteristics, talents or skills may qualify for unusual scholarships from various organizations.

It is common knowledge that students who display academic excellence can apply for college grants or scholarships. In fact, most students would start working towards academic scholarships the moment they start high school. There are also those who excel in sports, which make them eligible for athletic scholarships.

What most of us do not know is that there are grants and scholarships that are unusual in nature. These scholarships or financial aid options are awarded to students with unique talents, capabilities or characteristics. If you are not qualified for an academic scholarship or financial aid, be not dismayed because your unique trait or talent may just be your ticket for some unusual scholarship.

Let’s take a look at some of the Unusual Scholarships out there.

  • Tall Club International Student Scholarship
    TCI or Tall Club International awards $1,000 scholarship per student who is under 21 years and starting their college in the fall. Height requirements are as follows: at least 6’5 for men and 5’10 for women.
  • National Potato Council Scholarship
    The National Potato Council Scholarship focuses on students who are planning to take advance studies in Agribusiness that supports the Potato Industry. Each student who qualifies will get a $10,000 scholarship grant. The final selection will be based on the following: academic achievement, the ability to lead and potato-related areas of graduated study such as Agriculture, Food Science, Horticulture and more.
  • Little People of America Scholarships
    The LPA or Little People of America Scholarship is open to all LPA members who are diagnosed with dwarfism with family members who are also diagnosed with dwarfism. Non-LPA members are also welcome to apply for scholarship as long as they are medically diagnosed with some form of dwarfism. Even non-disabled students are eligible to apply if they can prove that they are in need of financial educational assistance.
  • Western Golf Association Evans Scholars Foundation Scholarships
    The Western Golf Association Evans Scholars Foundation Scholarships is for students who have worked as golf caddies for at least 2 years. The foundation awards 800 deserving caddies throughout the country who will be given the chance to receive 4-year scholarship grant. Applicants for the scholarship should display academic excellence and good moral character.
  • Gertrude J. Deppen Scholarship Fund
    The Gertrude J. Deppen Scholarship Fund is for students who do not repeatedly use narcotics, tobacco and alcohol. Applicants must not be involved in any grueling physical contests and must be residing in Mount Carmel for at least 10 years and a Mount Carmel Public High School graduate.