Myths and Truths About Scholarships

Don’t be misled about the many misconceptions spreading about scholarships on the internet. It will be helpful to find truthful information to help you get the scholarship you need to help you with your education.

Due to these tough economic times, most parents cannot send their kids to college without some sort of financial aid or scholarship. State colleges, Ivy League schools and other universities offer different types of scholarships, such as academic, non-academic, and athletic scholarships, just to name a few.

But finding the right scholarship or financial aid can be a little daunting. Additionally, with all the misconceptions about scholarship going around, it’s even harder to zero in on which scholarship or financial aid is perfect for you.

Separating Fact from Fiction

Let’s take a look at the myths and truths about scholarships so you will get a better understanding of it. Hopefully, this will help you decide what kind of scholarship you can apply for.

  • Myth: Scholarships are for straight A students only.
    Fact: The truth is, scholarships are not for academic geniuses only. In fact, there are different scholarships for different areas of interest such as athletic, music, arts, community service and more.
  • Myth: Senior year is when you should start looking for scholarship.
    Fact: Yes, you can wait until your senior year in college before looking for a scholarship. But it is better to start looking for scholarships early on. This way you will get to accomplish the required documents as early as possible and submit it way before the deadline.
  • Myth: Students applying for scholarships must have a long list of extra curricular activities.
    Fact: Although extracurricular activities help students, it is not the quantity that matters but the quality of the activities you choose. It is the devotion that you give to the said activity or activities that make them worthwhile.
  • Myth: Scholarships are for the less fortunate only.
    Fact: Private scholarships do not depend on the student’s financial need. Scholarships are for eligible students meeting the requirements set by the school or company sponsoring the scholarship.
  • Myth: Scholarships are for high school seniors only.
    Fact: Scholarships can be applied for throughout your academic career. Scholarships are available for high school students, present college students even graduate students. Whatever your academic state may be, you can always look and apply for scholarship.
  • Myth: Scholarship awards are small and not worth applying for.
    Fact: Winning scholarships is not about getting a lot of money per se. You can apply for different scholarships or financial aid to come up with the money you need for college.
  • Myth: Scholarships are geared more towards the minorities.
    Fact: There are scholarships or financial aids that are focused on the minorities but there are also scholarships that do not really take only this into consideration. Many scholarships out there are based on your interests, personality and what you want to achieve.
  • Myth: Scholarship is very competitive.
    Fact: While it is true that scholarships can become competitive, it should not keep you from applying. Ensure that you read and follow the rules and submit all the requirements correctly and on time, and you will have the same chance as the others in getting the scholarship.

Looking for scholarships can be time consuming but there are hundreds of websites online that can help you find viable scholarship options for you.