Academic Grants and Scholarships for Women

College scholarships for women are available both for first-time students and adults who have decided to go back to school and pursue college education.

The federal or state governments are not capable of educating all of its citizens single-handedly. Government needs the help of private educational institutions. That is why it provides subsidized education by way of giving grants to women themselves through scholarships. Women can check the websites of colleges and universities or prominent non-profit organizations to look for possible financial aid services.

AARP Women’s Scholarships

The scholarship programs of AARP are meant for women who are 40 years and above. Last year, almost $500,000 in educational scholarships was given to approximately 200 elder women all over the country. Those awarded received grants and scholarships for women ranging from $500 to $5,000. The AARP, which stands for American Association for Retired Persons, is supported by the Wal-Mart Foundation.

Jeanette Rankin Scholarships

For more than 30 years, the Jeanette Rankin Foundation has been generously awarding college scholarships for women to finish college. The candidates must be US citizens, age 35 and above, enrolled or accepted in an ACICS (Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools)-accredited educational institution, pursuing vocational courses, associate or bachelor’s degrees and belonging to the low-income standards of the US Department of Labor’s Lower Living Standard.

Talbots Women Scholarship Fund

Adult women who dream of becoming nurses can still obtain college scholarships for women such as the Talbots Women’s Scholarship Fund. Talbot’s Department Store, one of the leading retailers of women’s apparel since the 1940’s, gives out scholarships for mothers every year. In 2010, the famous retail firm granted ten financial grants of $15,000 each and one $30,000 scholarship to qualified applicants. In 2009, Talbot’s handed over six $10,000 scholarships and sixty $1,000 scholarships. Applicants are required to attend a four-year course in a community college, vocational or trade school to be qualified for the $1,000 scholarship grant. Aspirants for the $10,000 college scholarships for women should aim for a bachelor’s degree.

Scholarships for Women Student Athletes

The federal government has been at the forefront of furnishing qualified female athletes the instruments that they require to pursue their education successfully. It is fully cognizant of the fact that only a properly educated citizenry can help the nation remain on top of the highly-competitive international economy. These tools primarily come in the form of athletic scholarship assistance. These developments have led to the empowerment of potential women athletes seeking to pursue college education.

More and more college financial aid for women are being offered to young women who belong to low-income families but show promising abilities in different sports endeavors such as swimming, basketball, volleyball and gymnastics. Because of these positive occurrences, it has become much easier for them to subsidize their education and look forward to a career that they desire. These grants and scholarships for women are meant to help less fortunate women who used to be denied the opportunity to improve their situation by achieving higher learning.